Giorgio Barbarelli

Born: 1477
Died: 1510

Giorgione's affect on the Renaissance:
Giorgione's paintings contain unique elements that many artists still use in the modern art world. His followers used his techniques to inspire their own works such as Palma Vecchio and Sebastiano del Piombi. Some of his techniques included the focus on the background or landscape and the subjects did not have any dialogue or actions to accompany them . Even though his works often did not have a meaning they did have an impact on later artists. 

Brief Biography

  • He is also known as Giorgio Barbarelli, he was an Italian painter. 
  • He was born in Castelfranco on the Venetian mainland.
  • He was a pupil of Giovanni Bellini in Venice during  the 1490s. He most likely met his assistant Titian when he was there.
  • One of his best works is suggested to be Laura. Laura was also his only signed and dated piece.
  • He was often inspired by Bellini, Gentile, and da Vinci 
  • Some of his other works include Madonna Enthroned and Judith.
  • It is said that his frescoes do not truly have a meaning. 
  • Titian was his assistant painter, and after his death Titan finished some of his paintings. 
  • He died in 1510 due to the plague that was sweeping the city of Venice.


Castelfranco on the Venetian mainland is where Giorgone was born is pictured in the map below.

Important Works


This painting is said to be Giorgione's best. It is dated  June 1, 1506 and it was painted in Vienna. In this painting Giorgione used different facial expressions to portray the mood of his subject. Her pleasant, almost dull, expression exudes peacefulness. Giorgione often did this with other paintings, using colors and facial expression to achieve certain themes. 


This painting is dated 1504 in St. Petersburg. This painting was inspired by Bellini and Gentile, his two predecessors. In the painting, it portrays a a glowing woman holding a sword against her body. Giorgione uses a very unique choice of colors which in contrast are meant to appear as grim.  

Madonna Enthroned 

This painting is dated 1500. Giorgione often painted works that portrayed Madonna and child. In this particular painting displayed, the dreamy figures make the figures appear to have an almost passive mood. the Virgin Mary is holding a young Christ on top of the throne. The colors he chose for this painting alludes to a dark mood.