Sandro Botticelli

Born: 1445

Botticelli's impact on the Renaissance: 
Many people admired the great craftsmanship and creativity he displayed in his pieces. His unique talent for religious art pieces is what made him popular. Two of his most popular works are the Primavera and Birth of Venus from around the 1470s. He also had a large impact on Neoplatonism, which is a system of doctrines that promoted the belief of mystical and fantasy items (not reality). He influenced artists to come with is use of color, subject matter, and his precise attention to detail. The techniques he used in his paintings have been an inspiration to other artists and are still used and studied today.

Brief Biography

  • His real name is Alessandro dei Filipepi. 
  •  The name Botticelli means ' little barrels' which was a nickname given to him by his brother/guardian Giovanni .
  • He was the pupil of Filippo Lippi.
  • In 1472 he was a member of Compagnia di San Luca in Florence.
  •   He worked for the Medici family, he painted an abundant amount of portraits as well as paintings, banners, and altarpieces for them. 
  • Some of his pieces  inspired  Leonardo. For example the Adoration of Magi  influenced  Leonardo's piece called Adoration.
  • The only piece of work Botticelli ever signed was Mystic Nativity which was his last major work.
  •  He also painted many different types of religious paintings. One of his most notable fresco was the one with St. Augustine. 
  • He is noted as one of the best painters of the Florentine School at Prato and Spoleto he was an assistant to the painters of the frescoes around the 1460s.
  • His paintings became very popular in the 15th century. 

Florence, Italy

Botticelli lived in Florence, Italy which is shown on the map below.

Important Works


This was one of Botticelli's most famous paintings. It was painted for Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de'Medici. It portrays mythical goddess celebrating in the forest. It was bought in about 1477 to hang in the Villa di Castello. This painting is related to one of Botticelli's other paintings called The Birth of Venus.  

The Birth of Venus 

This painting depicts the birth of Venus also known as Aphrodite, the goddess of love. In the famous Greek Myth, she was born from the foam of the sea. On top of the seashell, she stands while another goddess comes to her aid. This work was painted in Uffizi, Florence. 

The Adoration of Magi 

 This work was painted in 1477 in Uffizi, Florence.  The church S. Maria Novella mostly hung portraits of the Medici family as well as other important Florentine citizens. The Adoration of Magi was originally displayed at this  church. It depicts the another religious scene, where several of the Medici family members are present including Giovanni who is kneeling on the red.